Mission & Vision


To take our position among companies who continue their prestige in public opinion, by protecting our loyalty towards high codes of conduct and honest working principles, to follow a ‘innovative and ‘reformist” path, to have a structure that is able to renew its technology constantly, to set goals and objectives focusing on ‘Perfectionism’, to continue the business based on the idea of ‘People First’ to provide best service, to be aware of our responsibilities for environment and humanity.


Metro Holding A.Ş.

Metro Holding is a holding company, publicly quoted, which serves in many industries, primarily active in the field of tourism, travel and meat products. The company, established under the name of Van-Et in 1977, has been operating under the name Metro Holding since August 2010. Stocks of the company formed by eleven affiliates including Metro_Turizm, MEPET, Metro Elektrik, Metro Maden and Metro Kargo are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.


To maintain continuity by making the right investment decisions in the right time and to utilize the resources acquired from operations for new efficient investment tools.

Major investment from Mepet to Saudi Arabia.

Meeting for the promotion of the project organized by MEPET, offered to public in 2011 with its 26 petrol stations around Turkish highways, was held with the attendance of CEO of Metro Holding and Chairman of the Board of MEPET Ali Ertan Çakır and the Chief Executive of MEPET Kazım Afşar. Afşar giving information about the project to be conducted in Saudi Arabia, also mentioned that they will be starting fuel distribution works in the next two years. Click to read more